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Day 5 - Seven Day Sound Mind Christmas Challenge

Day 5

Anxiety sufferers will testify that it can be a terrifying illness. Constantly living in panic and fear. Some afraid to attend busy events and parties over the Christmas season because they suffer from panic attacks and are gripped with fear.

This not only robs you of experiencing such joy and happiness but it also steals your peace.

However, the bible gives us the antidote to fear and in 1 John 4 v 18 God promises that his love conquers those fears.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear.

So as we approach Christmas this year, allow God to love you. How do you do that? Well the bible is rich in his promises of his great love for you. Take some time to read and allow those words to speak into your heart. Claim them for your life.

There is no greater truth than this, that a loving Father so loved you that he gave the greatest gift he had, his only son - Jesus for you. John 3 v 16.


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