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Give him your best

Abel also brought a gift—the best portions of the firstborn lambs from his flock. Genesis 4 v 4

The Lord has blessed us with so many gifts, worship being one of them. The ability to come freely before him and declare how much we love him. It is truly precious gift. However how we worship should be all about him and nothing else. Why do I say this? Well It may surprise you to hear that the first act of murder ever committed is recorded in the book of Genesis and guess what fuelled this rage? You guessed it worship! Or more specifically the motive behind the worship.

We read in Genesis chapter 4 that two brothers Cain and Abel brought their sacrifice of worship to the Lord. Cain was angry and jealous of Abel’s act of worship and this caused him to attack and kill his brother. Who would have believed that a worship service could turn so nasty?

This got me thinking about my own sacrifice of worship. I asked myself the question, who is it I am worshipping and why? You see God not only sees how we worship but he also sees inside our hearts. You may look at someone and think, Wow they are really sacrificing their all in worship today, perhaps by their posture and stance, however only God truly sees our heart of worship. Only he truly knows if we are giving a little, like Cain or giving wholeheartedly like Abel.

This heart-breaking story of the two brothers also reminds us that there is a real enemy that is looking to destroy our worship. Verse 7 reads “Sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you”. It goes onto say that we must “subdue it”. It is imperative that we don’t allow sin to enter our worship. This includes not focusing on others and how they may or may not be doing it. We are not worshipping to please others but instead our father. So, let us fix our eyes on Jesus, look to him and worship him.

Give him your all.

Until next time

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