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Developing a Listening Ear

Are you a good communicator? You know, being an effective communicator is not just about the talking, it is also about the listening. The same applies when communicating with God the Father. Yes, he wants you to come to him and talk to him in prayer. And for those of you that are still confused about what prayer is, then it simply is that. Having a conversation with your Father.

However, he not only wants you to come to him and freely share what’s on your heart, but he also wants to talk to you. So how are your listening skills? Are you in need of a spiritual hearing test? James teaches us in Chapter 1 verse 19 that we are to be “quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger” and yet so often we can be slow to hear. We don’t spend enough time just sitting and listening, we race onto the next item on our to do list.

Developing a listening ear requires patience and it also reveals our heart for God. Do you love him enough to sit and wait upon him? Developing a listening ear strengthens our relationship with God and develops an intimacy.

So where do we start? Well a young boy by the name of Samuel developed a listening ear. Having heard a voice calling in the night he simply said, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening”. 1 Samuel 3 v 10

Why not spend some time listening to this track by Kari Jobe entitled “Speak to me”? Allow the Father to speak into your heart.

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