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W2W 12 Days of Christmas Day 5

On the 5th Day of Christmas my First Love gave to me:

A song I could sing forever

I don’t think Christmas would be the same without the music. We love to sing along to Christmas songs as we wander through the shops or decorate our Christmas tree. Do you have a favourite Christmas Carol? Yesterday at W2W we had the pleasure of listening to a young women bless us as she sang some beautiful carols at our meeting.

But why are Christmas Carols so heart-warming? Well, as we journey through the Christmas story we arrive at Luke Chapter 1 v 46-55 at Mary’s song. This was a song that rose from deep within her heart. She was worshipping God even though her heart was confused and perplexed. She praised God “My soul glorifies the lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour”. True worship flows from our hearts, it is our heart’s expression of how we feel about God. In that moment we are giving him priority over everything. Even though our lives may be filled with unanswered questions, confusion, maybe even worry. We are declaring that he is greater and more powerful than our concerns. Mary knew this and as she sang this song, she was declaring that he was indeed Lord of all.

The Christmas story is filled with worship, as we will discover over the next few days as we look at the worshippers in this story. But for today, what is your favourite Carol? What speaks from your heart of your gratitude to God for sending his son, although a King, to be born in a lowly stable? Why not listen to your favourite carol just now? Ask yourself, what is it that you love about it the most? Is it because of that ‘Silent night’ when he came into the world? Is it because he is ‘faithful, joyful and triumphant’? Or perhaps it’s because of the ‘joy to the world’ that was birthed that night in that ‘little town of Bethlehem’.

Whatever the song – Christmas is all about worship. Declaring how grateful we are to God, thanking him for all he has done and expressing this from our heart. Christmas certainly wouldn’t be the same without the music because Christmas is all about worship. Worshipping God for the greatest gift of all – Jesus.



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